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SmexehStory Rules and Guidelines Empty SmexehStory Rules and Guidelines

Post by FreezeCrest on Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:06 pm


These are the rules to SmexehStory.

I. No Hacking. If a GM or Adminstrator catch you hacking, they have the right to ban you without warning. If a player catches you, they have the right to post it in the Report section.

II. No spamming. No "SELLING NX RAHRAHRAH" 50x over smega. If you spam, we will give you a warning the first time. The second time, we will ban you.

III. No glitch abuse. There is the chair + mount glitch, one of the most popular ones. First offence, we will let you off with a warning. Second abuse, ban.

IV. No backtalking to any GM, Adminstrator, or Owner. Their word is final.

V. No badmouthing any GM, Adminstrator, or Owner.

VI. Keep all content PG-13.

VII. No blackmailing. That means no threatening other people. The threatened person has the right to report this in the Report section. You will be warned for the first offence, and banned for the second.

VIII. Speak English please. If you want to speak your native tongue, do it in our Foreign Language section.

IX. Have fun. I mean, HAVE FUN! Yeah, I'll go now.

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